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ps.zoon ±051108:163500  
손에 늘 잡힐듯 하면서도 잡히지 않음은 무어려나 눈을 감고 곰곰히 생각을 하다고 버뜩 떠오르면 순간 자꾸만 손을 뻗지만 이내 사라지는건 어제나 오늘이나 늘 같지 않던가, 과연 이런 굴레의 반복은 쉬지 않고 계속되려는 건지 아니면 정말 붉은 기둥이 솓아 나를 휘감을 날이 기다리고 있는건지,
Stephen ±120923:170443
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AQuitu ±150105:225211
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Pierre ±151026:053006
It's worunefdl to have you on our side, haha!
Santanu ±151026:062037
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Rushikesh ±151221:194759
What a pleasure to find someone who idteiifnes the issues so clearly
DonMax ±190126:092712
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Finance ±190127:055930
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Posta48 ±190801:182432
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Persi ±200421:215315
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Bednaz3 ±200918:180239
Wspomagajmy sobie jeden drugiego rzeczywi힄cie podczas gdy wprost przeciwnie mo탉emy oraz potrafimy. Ten dezorientuj훳cy kontestacja szko흢y nim zmian훳 tudzie탉 gotowo힄훶 istotnie wielu os처b maj훳cych na sercu dobro uczni처w a탉 do akceptacji jednoznacznie szkodliwego a nieefektywnego przymusowego systemu znajduje proste. Naprawd휌 wymowa trafia w serce tudzie탉 podnosi na duchu daje do my힄lenia. 낍굦퀏웵뾺됱첊 볦빊李늻쒕폖 믩遺덉킄쇨庾쯄日佾꽍앸
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